May 16th marked a milestone in my life. I turned 30. I must admit, turning 30 has done a number on my mind. Just the sound of it: Thirty. Me? Impossible! I say this not because I believe 30 is old, but because it has snuck up on me out of the blue. There are so many things I had hoped to accomplish by age 30 that for one reason or another have not come to pass. Rather than focus on that which I did not accomplish, I am going to focus on that which I hope to accomplish. And so here you have it! I have compiled a list of 30 things I want to do this year while I'm 30 years old. Some of them will take me out of my comfort zone. Some are things I should have been doing all along. Some will be a whole lot of fun! All of it will make for good blogging.

Hello, 30. Let's be friends.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The End!

I have crossed everything off of my list of 30 things to do while I'm 30!!  And with my 31st birthday just three days away, I'd say I made great timing. 

30 wasn't so bad after all.  Now I wonder what 31 will bring!

Number 22: The Box

On July 31st, 2009 I finished packing all of our belongings in boxes and we began the move to Florida.  In February 2010, we finally moved out of my dad's house and into our apartment here in Boynton Beach.  That is when all of those boxes I had packed the previous July were unpacked.  All except one, which I knew was filled with random things that didn't exactly belong anywhere.  Today is May 13th, 2012 and that box has finally been unpacked. 

I had completely forgotten what was in the box, so going through it was like opening a surprise package.  These were the contents:

Poinsetta Jenny doll
Plug for something (I have no idea what)
My high school class ring
Pearls that I wore on my wedding day
Cassette Tape (Mariah Carey, Daydream)
...and a bunch of leftover favors from our wedding.  (Hot cocoa packets that say "Tobin & Jennifer:  The Perfect Mix")

I still don't know what to do with all this stuff.  I ended up putting it back in the box and back in the closet.  :)

Number 9: The Pounds

I didn't acheive this goal.  I don't really have much more to say about it.  It's a struggle I've fought with since I was in the first grade, and I expect it will stay with me until the day I die. 

I'm not going to reveal the number that the X represented.  It was a lofty impossible goal that I never should have set for myself.  However, I'm still crossing this item off my list because I did lose 10 pounds over the past year, and since X = 10 in Roman numerals, that counts enough for me to strike through it.

Number 27: The Intracoastal Waterway

I am so lucky to work right on the Intracoastal waterway in West Palm Beach.  Every day at 5:00 when I leave work, a little of the stress I've built up for the day leaves me when I drive along the palm tree lined Flagler Drive.  It's so beautiful!  Even after three years of seeing the same thing five days a week, the beauty is not lost on me.  There is a running/biking trail along the water that I keep meaning to take a stroll on, but time gets away from me and it just never happens.  Finally, I was able to make it happen!  Our little weekend stroll was nice and peaceful.  I'm glad I finally took the time to walk it. 

Number 11: The Spontaneous Thing

I bought a new car!  We had been planning to buy a new car this year, probably in the Summer.  But on Thursday, Tobin got word that his contract with Verio was extended, so I finished up work that day and headed over to the Hyundai dealership.  A few hours later, I was heading home in my brand new 2012 Accent! 

They had just had a shipment in come in with the a new Accent in the perfect color, with all the bells and whistles.  I was proud of the way I handled the negotiation.  He made me an offer.  I said, "No!".  He made another offer.  I said "No Again!".  Finally the third offer was close to what I was expecting to pay, so I signed on the dotted line and the car was mine.  It all happened so fast, but I am very happy with this purchse. 

Here's a picture of my car.  I've named him Grimace, because if you look at the car head on it looks like he's got an angry face on.  Love it!

Number 13: The Volunteering

Young Life is an organization that is near and dear to my heart.  College aged/young adult leaders build mentoring relationships with high school teens through large group clubs and small group Bible studies.  Young Life also has a pretty sweet summer camp experience.  Young Life was the most influential factor in my early Christian walk.  When I look back now at all the time my Young Life leaders spent pouring into me, I am amazed by their dedication and selflessness. 

Young Life is all over Ohio, but there aren't very many Young Life chapters here in South Florida.  Imagine my excitement when I was put in contact with some people here who intend to start a Boca Raton Young Life chapter!  I am excited to say that I am joining their efforts and will be serving on the board of Boca Raton Young Life!  When I moved to Florida three years ago, I thought God was leading me here for ministry.  I thought Tobin and I would plant a church or start a ministry.  Then we got here and had no idea how to get started.  These past three years have been somewhat frustrating in that we could barely find a church to get involved with much less start a whole new ministry.  The fact that this opportunity has come around leaves me amazed at God's goodness, and his perfect timing. 

I am so excited to see what the Lord will be doing in Boca Raton over the coming years.  I can't wait to see Young Life established there, and I feel blessed to be able to be a part of it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Number 30: The Prank

I didn't pull a prank, so stop reading now if you are expecting to find out how I pulled one over on someone. I tried to pull a prank, but my conscience got the better of me and I put an end to it. (I will tell you more about that in the next paragraph). I have come to the conclusion that the only person I will not feel guilty about playing a prank on is my brother Dave. Throughout this year, I have had ideas about pranks to play, but I wasn't able to follow through because in the end I felt bad for the person I was thinking of pranking. I don't feel this sense of guilt toward Dave, since he loves to torment his only sister. So while I didn't actually execute a prank this year, I did plan a great one. I won't be seeing Dave until Thanksgiving, so it will have to wait until then. I promise it's going to be good!

The fun prank I almost pulled but chickened out was on my co-worker Mark. We went to a conference together for work in Daytona Beach. He had never been to a FABSAA Conference before, so he was looking at me to tell him what he needed to bring. I told him that every year the president's dinner is a theme dinner and they ask people to dress up according to the theme. This is true for past years; however, this year there was no theme. I told Mark that the theme for this year's dinner was "Being An Office Hero" and that we were supposed to dress as our favorite super hero. I even created a fake email from the FABSAA president and fowarded it to him. He was so excited, declaring that he has a full batman costume. I was riddled with guilt. I actually could not sleep the night before the conference because of this! So when he told me the morning we left that he couldn't find his batman costume, I was relieved and fessed up that it was all a hoax. I have no problem coming up with the prank ideas, but actually carrying them out against people I care about is where I come up short.